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Welcome Visitor:

Jura Bookshop

Jura Bookshop in 2013 at the launch of How to Make Trouble and Influence People

We stock thousands of great radical books and pamphlets - many of which you won’t find anywhere else.

We choose our stock carefully, and are always happy to make recommendations - just ask. Our main focus is books that are by, for, about, or of interest to anarchists and anarchism. Sometimes we have books that not everyone agrees with, but we think ought to be available. We never stock material that is racist, sexist, homophobic, pro-capitalist, or pro-war etc.

We also sell political t-shirts, posters, CDs and DVDs. We have a large shelf of free pamphlets and other material.

Major sections:
Anarchism | Feminism | Race and ethnicity | Environment | Queer politics | Workers struggle | Veganism and animal rights | History | Fiction | Art

Smaller sections:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples | Imperialism and colonialism | Economics | Sociology and governance | Libertarian Marxism | Communities and utopias | Sustainable living | Health | Law and prisons | Education | Parenting | Young adults | Children | Situationism | The IWW | Postmodernism | Anti-war | Religion | Primitivism | Science and technology.

Jura Library

Jura Library in 2013

Collected over the last 40 years, the Jura Library is a great resource of books, periodicals, and political posters, with a broadly anarchist focus. The library is a collectively owned and managed. It has been kept alive through the donations and hard work of hundreds of volunteers over the years.

Anyone is welcome to come and browse and read the books during opening hours. If you want to borrow books, you need to become a library member (see below). The library also always needs volunteers - there's lots to be done, including sorting, cataloguing, cleaning and fundraising. Please let us know if you're interested.

The Jura Library is also known as the Fanya Baron Library. Fanya Baron was a Russian anarchist revolutionary who worked with Nestor Makhno, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman (to name a few), to spread anarchist organising and ideas throughout Russia.

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